TrichoMARK 2020 is the revised version of TrichoMARK (Kopchinskiy et al., 2005). This accessory program retrieves diagnostic sequences of DNA Barcoding markers used for molecular identification of Trichoderma spp.

It makes use of the conserved oligonucleotide sequences flanking the polymorphic areas of ITS (ITS1 – 5.8 S – ITS2 of the rRNA gene cluster), tef1, and rpb2 genes that correspond to the DNA Barcoding sequences.

For example, the tef1 gene sequence, which is encoding the EF-1alpha protein, contains at least three phylogenetic markers such as fourth and fifth introns (large and short, respectively) and sixth exon. As there was no agreement between Trichoderma researchers concerning which fragment of the gene should be used, public databases are populated by unequal sets of tef1 sequences, including different phylogenetic markers. Consequently, the results of sequence similarity search become influenced by the length and composition of the query sequence ad may provide ambiguous results.

TrichoMARK 2020 retrieves the specific sequence fragment that can be then submitted to the sequence similarity search. Such treatment will significantly increase the accuracy of the obtained results!

NOTE: This script does not provide any identification but is an accessory service that can also be replaced by a manual treatment (Rahimi et al., 2020).

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